Review of When Women Pray by T. D. Jakes

Review Title: God Listens To Her (Review of When Women Pray by T. D. Jakes)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

T. D. Jakes wrote this book about ten women in the Bible to show that their prayers positively affected their own lives as well as the world around them. If you are a lady Prayer Warrior or hope to become one, this book will fill you with insight and encouragement.

Especially significant are the choices of ladies included in the book. Not only the well known prominent ladies, but several ladies whose proper names were never recorded in the Bible such as the Woman With the Issue of Blood, the Samaritan Woman, and the Shunammite Woman are included. This in particular makes the book appealing to ladies at every spectrum from well known church leaders to the brand new Christian just learning about how to pray.

Some people tend to discount the value of prayer probably because of it not being a tangible and seen thing. It’s value can’t be measured in the physical seen realm because it is in the invisible spiritual realm at the input stage. This book allows the reader to see the tangible output results of prayer as recorded in the Bible. The intangible prayer offerings of the ten ladies went to Almighty God who turned them into tangible evidence of His work on earth. This is a most valuable lesson in understanding God’s love and care for the people He created.

I consider myself fortunate to have won this book in a blog contest. I have been under no obligation to give a review. I chose to write a review to help other prayer warriors like myself be encouraged and have another resource to share with prayer ministry groups. The book is well written on a down to earth level. Those looking for an academic type study on prayer may not find this book suitable to their needs. I am thankful to have this book to share with my praying friends.