Review of Lethal Intent by Cara C. Putnam

Review Title: Legal/Medical/Romantic Suspense (Review of Lethal Intent by Cara C. Putnam

Reviewer: Janice Garey

**** 4 Stars

This book has all the elements to draw in the reader: great characterizations; a mix of legal and medical components; a foster child in dire need of a medical cure; the issue of integrity in trials of advances in medicine; and, a conflicted budding romance. The storyline grabs the reader on page one.

The leading lady character is a new lawyer hired by a startup firm developing new treatments for disease. The leading male, and love interest, came from a background which made him sensitive to the needs of foster children. He became the owner of group homes with house parents, and one of the girls from his site is in the hospital. Time is running out to save her life. To add another complication he has monetary interests in the startup company his favorite gal lawyer works for. Their hearts desire to pursue love, but she is afraid to say much about her work so as to not put any suspicion on their relationship in the arena of insider trading. Truly, it is an awesome setup for a perfect story.

For the most part I felt highly engaged and found it to be a page turner. There were, however, a few times when I felt lost in too much information about the medical field. I admit to my lack of knowledge of the field of medicine which influenced my waning interest at a few points. Overall, it is a well told story with a satisfying conclusion sans loose ends.

I found the discussion of how changing regulations make for difficult situations for group homes to add a realistic sideline to the story. This made the tug on the heartstrings even stronger. The engaged reader wants everything to work out well for the characters and all those for whom they are responsible.

This was my first book to read from the author. I expect to be reading more of her books. I received a complimentary ebook for review purposes from netgalley. I have given my honest review after having read the book.