Review of Dream Big, My Precious One by Jill Roman Lord

Review Title: All the Possibilities (Review of Dream Big, My Precious One by Jill Roman Lord)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

The beautiful cover on this book beckons the reader to pick it up and look inside. In rhyming verse, the author puts in motion a trip for the young from which to view a vast range of occupations they might pursue. This book provides much opportunity for discussion and learning. The illustrations are creative, colorful, and clever. In particular this book works to establish good thinking that includes hope for the future. It portrays an orderly world where people use their education, skills, and talents in careers in service to help people. The book contains value as a conversation prompt on the importance of getting a good education to achieve goals. It is lighthearted with whimsical illustrations yet serious minded about potential future employment for the young.

Classroom teachers will want to use this book for career week when parents visit to talk about their work. It covers many occupations by naming and illustrating each one. Further definitions of the jobs will need to be supplied by the adult reading or teaching from the book. A positive message about effort rewarded will be found within the pages.

I won this book from a book blogger’s contest. The publisher, Worthy Kids, mailed a copy to me. I was under no obligation to review it, but liked it so much as to desire to share it with others. I have given my honest opinion in this review.