Review of Sand Between Your Toes: Inspirations for a Slower, Simpler and More Soulful Life by Anna Kettle

Review Title: Learning To Walk At God’s Pace (Review of Sand Between Your Toes by Anna Kettle)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

This book, on the surface, seems light and breezy like a wonderful beach day. It is that and more. The tone is light, but God’s word goes deep like the calm offshore depths of the ocean. It invites you in for a look around at what you’ve been missing. Stop going breakneck speed through life. Learn to slow your pace and walk with God.

In the pages you will find God’s peace, joy, hope, kindness, or in other words, the Fruit of the Spirit. An invisible helping hand reaches to you through the writing to assist in slowing you down. An awareness of what is really important in life begins to form. Keeping pace with God allows the reader to take in His sustenance and live the abundant life.

This is an excellent book for a new believer who seeks to do or accomplish as well as read. Activity prompts motivate the reader to get involved in living out the word of God. The activities were reasonable and worth the effort to complete.

I am thankful to have received a copy of this book from netgalley for review purposes. I have read the book and given my honest opinion in this review. I received a well formatted ecopy which allowed for ease in reading and enjoyment of the graphics. I hope to read more from Anna Kettle in the future.