Review of Penguin and Moose Brave the Night by Hannah C. Hall

Review Title: Wave Bye to Night Fears (Review of Penguin and Moose Brave the Night by Hannah C. Hall and Illustrated by Stacy Curtis)

***** 5 Stars

This charming picturebook has the perfect tone for addressing young children’s night time fears. The scenario gently adds anticipation to the usual night fears with the addition of an overnight stay for the first time at a friend’s home. Penguin is a small creature and Moose is a big creature. This size difference will help young children identify with Penguin and the possible dangers in the night he imagines.

Like a child, Penguin gets caught up in the moment and enjoys his visit with Moose . . . until he realizes a bedtime story means it will soon be time to go to sleep. He wants a nightlight but there is not one at Moose’s home. He did remember he had packed some helpful items in his backpack to ward off night bothers. None of that helped him find peace to sleep.

Moose told him he, too, had been afraid at night until his dad had told him God would be with him always. He had even stitched a memory verse on his pillowcase to help. Penguin realized that thought gave Moose the peace that led to the snoring he heard from Moose’s side of the room.

This book has potential to help many children to ease into restful slumber. It shows Penguin as proactive in problem solving and willing to accept and act on wise advice. The cartoon type drawings and soothing colors in the book add whimsical fun to the important theme of trusting in God who is ever present and caring for children.

I received the book from the publisher after winning it from a blogger’s website drawing. I am under no obligation to give a favorable view. I have read the book and given my honest opinion in this review to help readers discern if they want to invest time and money in a particular book. I highly recommend this book.