Review of When Your Voice Became Mine: There IS a Mailbox in Heaven by Celeste N. Bowers

This book is the heart touching story of the life of Christina Bowers who died from cancer at the young age of ten. It is a record of many lives touched by her joy of living her words to the full, “It’s not about me. It’s about Christ working through me.”

Celeste Bowers, the mother of Christina and author of this book, has turned a tragedy into a positive force for good by sharing this story. On one level, it seems like a journal or diary of life shaping events in one family and community, but on another level, it is universal as it shows how people across the globe can connect through the sharing of tragic events in empathy. Many serendipidous events are recorded that indicate God’s miraculous handling of big and small details.

This book serves as a great example of how those who are in grief from the death or expected death of a loved one might go about organizing thoughts about the importance and significance of a life. As Celeste penned the book, there must have been some down times of reflection, however, the book is always upbeat and positive. It allows Christina’s goal to let Christ be known through her life shine brightly.

I am thankful I now feel like I know Christina and her goodness. I felt Christ’s love radiating from the book. I felt joy each time I read even as I was fully aware of the tragedy that made the book possible. Christina was blessed through the love of her family and her Christian church and school community. This story will be an eye opener to those not in a Christian or faith community as to the amount of support available during such tragic times.

On a practical level, I found the book full of ideas of things to do to help those in families who are going through sufferings from health issues. Often people want to help but don’t have a clue what might be helpful rather than offering an unwanted hindrance. This story will serve as a perfect example to those who wish to commemorate the life of a deceased beloved one. The publisher did a wonderful job on the book cover, editing, and formatting. I thank the publisher and author for the copy of the book I won from a book launch gathering. I am under no obligation to write a favorable review. I have shared my honest opinion in this review.