Review of Roar Like a Lion by Levi Lusko

Review Title: God’s Power In You ( review of Roar Like a Lion by Levi Lusko)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

Compliments to the author, Levi Lusko, for a job well done on these 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith within the book Roar Like a Lion. This book gave me great encouragement.

The power in us is greater than the power of loss and the pain it inflicts.

I read a sampling of the devotions out loud and loved the rhythm and pacing of the words. This is most definitely a read aloud book for all ages. While reading you will feel the divine power of God within its pages.

The book’s illustrations are exciting and a perfect platform for the youngest of children to receive meaning at the level they can grasp. Although geared for middle school students to read for themselves, I hope families with all ages and stages of members will have the blessings from these spot on devotions.

Although I am not yet a grandparent, should I in the future be so blessed, this is a book I want to keep and read to the youngest ones. It is a book that is coffee table worthy for those spare moments of waiting. Certainly its colorful cover attracts attention.

The formatting of the book includes a numeric listing for 90 days. The titles indicate the subject of the daily devotions. Each daily reading portion consists of a two page spread with devotional reading, a Bible verse, and the sidebar about something relevant to the day’s subect.

I received a free hard copy of the book from the publisher and author in exchange for posting my honest review. I highly recommend this book.