Review of The Tiny Kitchen Cookbook by Annie Mahle

Review Title: The Joy Of a Tiny Kitchen (review of The Tiny Kitchen Cookbook by Annie Mahle)

Reviewer: Janice Garey

***** 5 Stars

I chose to read this book for insight about what one really needs for cooking efficiently in a small space. I hoped it would help in my quest to downsize without getting rid of anything essential. This book is a treasure chest of helps. The photos in the book are delightful, and the book definitely exudes that sense of less is more.

The ideas shared about storage options and making use of the concept of double duty for providing work space will be helpful for my future needs. Those not used to thinking out of the box may be surprised by the options. Lack of pantry space combined with small refrigerators are a big issue when trying to safely store foods in a small kitchen. I don’t have that issue yet but want to be ready for the future and know what is workable.

Currently I buy a lot in bulk and always need places to store the extra. This book helps me to rethink the space available in my house. The ideas in this book expand upon what I would have thought of on my own.

I want to reread the book after rearranging my kitchen to see if I missed anything the first go around. It will be good to keep on hand to do an annual checkup of the space.

Of course the recipes all sound delicious. I have not tried them, but have no reason to think they are less than superb given the author’s background.

When I saw this book available at Netgalley for review, I immediately chose it for its timely content and relevance to my life stage. I received a free ebook in exchange for an honest review which I have given.