Review of God With Us: A Journey Home by Jeremy Pierre

This wonderfully illustrated walk through the Bible captured my attention immediately with the unique narrators being two angels. This creative manner from which to relate the stories of the Bible in a fresh way adds an element of surprise and wonder. It brought unexpected pleasure to one who has heard the stories many times. The truth of the stories has not been altered, only the angle from which they are told is different. I love this trustworthy telling of truth from God’s word.

The illustrations amaze me, too. They are much more realistic than what is seen in many children’s Bible story books. I appreciate both styles and find this book to be a help for children who want to sit and study the pictures because they are quite detailed.

The storyline which weaves all the stories together brings me greater understanding and joy. As a child, I never got the whole story and only got disjointed parts. What a blessing this book brings me even today as an older adult. I purchased the audiobook first to listen to while traveling and to share with others. I later received the beautiful softcover book free from a media group and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I highly recommend either format but especially the print version for its spectacular illustrations.