Review of Hope When Your Heart Is Breaking by Ron Hutchcraft

Review Title: Hope When You Need It Most (review of Hope When Your Heart Is Breaking by Ron Hutchcraft)

Reviewer: Janice S. Garey

***** 5 Stars

Ron Hutchcraft has written from his heart while in the trenches of grief. Other than his faith in Jesus, nothing was more important in his life than his wife, Karen. He has allowed the reader an up close and personal view of grief and how God carries people through what seems an impossible journey.

The subtitle of the book, Finding God’s Presence in Your Pain, tells upfront what readers can expect. Through his years in Christian ministry, Ron Hutchcraft has been witness to countless people’s times of loss and grief. The book addresses other sources of grief besides the death of a spouse. Especially during these pandemic days people are suffering from multiple unexpected losses. This book is so relevant for this time.

The chapter titles clearly state other areas of pain and hurt which are dealt with. Readers with limited time could find quick help by turning to the chapter dealing with the area of individual stuggle such as:

Chapter 6: Hope When Your Heart Is Broken

Chapter7: Hope When Your Love Is Broken

Chapter 8: Hope When Your Dream Is Broken

Chapter 9: Hope When Your Health Is Broken

Chapter 10: Hope When Your Past Is Broken

Chapter 11: Making Things Worse

In chapter twelve, the final chapter entitled One Safe Place, he writes about Jesus as the Shepherd who carries us like rescued lost lambs. Jesus is indeed the One Safe Place for desperately hurting people.

For readers and their loved ones who need a big dose of hope in times of tragedy and despair, the remedy awaits in the pages of this book. Although I received a complimentary copy as a member of the launch team for this book, I have purchased several more copies for friends who have had losses this season. Hope For When Your Heart Is Breaking is perfect for any who appreciate Christian books to inform, sustain, encourage, and revitalize. Reading it feels like receiving a hug from God.